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OS X Mavericks

Note: Older Macs with a 32-bit architecture will not be supported even if the Mac meets other system requirements.


OS X Mavericks - The next big release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system is finally here!

  • iBooks – Mac joins the book club.
  • Maps – Now at a new destination. Your Mac.
  • Calendar – Your day’s looking good. So are your week and month.
  • Safari – Easily get to the places you go most. And will want to go next.
  • iCloud Keychain – Your passwords. Stored, encrypted, and automatically entered.
  • Multiple Displays – Do more on this screen. And that one.
  • Notifications – Know at a glance. Do with a click.
  • Finder Tabs – One window. Multiple tabs.
  • Tags – Wherever you keep your files, keep the right ones together.
  • OS X Server – More control for you. Easier collaboration for all.
  • Advanced Technologies – The most powerful OS X ever is also the most power efficient.
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